Wednesday, November 18, 2020



Since I promised to keep in touch, I'm dropping a quick post to let you know that has set up a huge ebook freebies page along with a Christmas Giveaway for a kindle. Creatura is included in this freebies promo. Check out this link below and download them now before they're back to regular price:

Tuesday, November 17, 2020



Hello Dear Readers,

It's been a LONG minute since I opened this page. I apologize for my absence. I've tried to stay active on my other social media sites for you because it just seems easier to do. Posting on a blog is harder, since I have to plan my posts, edit, etc. I know it's no excuse to leave you hanging on here, but allow me to explain:

I've been MIA from my blog because a series of health issues happened over the last couple of years. First, my old people diseases flared up, and it's been hard to do a lot of things, including typing and sitting for long periods of time. If you follow me on Instagram or are one of my friends on Facebook, you know I love to cook, but even that has become a feat. Let's not even talk about housework. And here it goes... 

I don't believe I've mentioned this before, but I have arthritis, fibromyalgia, PCOS, endometriosis, soft tissue rheumatism, migraines, and I can't don't want to remember what else. Aside from that, my allergies and asthma like to flare up every August. The year before last,I had chronic bronchitis for about 8 months. I finally got over it, and I thought I was so much better. But no... 

Immediately after I had gotten over the chronic bronchitis, I had a problem with my kidney that resulted in hospitalization because I became septic; furthermore, a nephrostomy tube had to be placed in one of my kidneys because there was a stone obstruction. If you're squeamish, don't look up "nephrostomy tube."  During those 6 months of agony, sleep depravation because of the pain (the tube was placed right next one of the areas where I have arthritis and a previous fracture), and overall hating my life, I had surgery to remove as much of the blockages as possible and some of the stones embedded in my kidney. A whole year later, I am now finally starting to feel somewhat better from my back and kidney pain. Arthritis, rheumatism, and fibromyalgia are autoimmune diseases that don't allow the tissues to heal as fast as a normal body should because my immune system is constantly attacking my body for no reason. Although I feel a bit better, I still have flare ups and migraines and have some trouble with the other diseases I mentioned.

I'm sure you were expecting happier news related to books and my writing, but right now I can't offer you those things, and I'm truly sorry for disappointing you. I feel disappointed in myself, as well. But I'm trying... I'm trying to become healthier in the midst of this horrible pandemic -- taking vitamins, walking indoors, trying to eat healthy (food is so good!)-- so that my body can fight off the flare ups. 

If you are of the many suffering with these illnesses that you can't see, I see you. I know what it feels like. You're not alone, and you're not the only one. The best medicine is keeping yourself positive, walking even indoors a mere 30 mins a day, drinking water, eating less sugar and flour, and taking vitamins and supplements. Hobbies are good to have. I'm not a doctor or a nutritionist, but I am the suffer in silence character in the books you read, and most times, those characters have some tricks up their sleeves. But before you listen to me, do your research and consult your doctor. 

Guys, do take care of yourselves, be kind to each other, and keep reading. Meanwhile, stay in touch with me on my social networks. I can't promise it, but I'll try my hardest to communicate more often through my blog. 

Thanks 💖for sticking with me,


Sunday, July 2, 2017

Creatura Series Coloring Book Release Early!

Oh happy day! As you can tell by the title of this post, The Creatura Series Official Coloring Book has been released early. It  is priced at $6.99 USD for release week, but will go up in price after. 

You can buy it HERE:

Thanks for already making it a best-seller in some categories! 


Monday, June 26, 2017

The Creatura Series #ColoringBook will be on sale on...

Hi guys!

I'm back with coloring book publishing news! I've formatted, reformatted, and proofed several digital copies and prints, and I'm finally happy with the end product. I'm happy to announce that I've chosen a publishing date for The Creatura Series Official Coloring Book. YAY! Below are pictures of my proof copies. I'm very happy about releasing this book project. It's something new for me, so it makes it all the more exciting.

What can you expect to find inside?

This book started off as a basic coloring book, but after formatting it, I've made it into a very easy to follow comic/short story/coloring book of sorts. A lot of details have been left out, but the overall feel of the story and the main plot is told through scenes from all three books in The Creatura Series. Both Arnild Aldepolla, the line drawing illustrator, and I selected the scenes to help you follow the story line of the original books. The narration and dialogue, of course, are my doing. As with the book series, this coloring book is intended for readers of MatureYoung Adult books since it contains subject matter and drawings that may not be appropriate for young children; nothing graphic, of course, but I like to give fair warning to parents of young children.

When's the publishing date?

The coloring book will be available for purchase on Tuesday, July 4, 2017. And just so you know, the selling price on release week will be $6.99 USD. The price will go up to $8.99 thereafter. I really hope you love it as much I do. Huge thanks and hugs to artist Arnild C. Aldepolla for making this project a reality.


Utopia Con 2017 Pics + Giveaway

Hello Readers!

If you follow me on other social media sites you probably saw I was off in Nashville, Tennessee signing at Utopia Con 2017. Sadly,  it was the sixth and final year of this con and only the second time I attended. I saw old friends, made new ones, and met some very cool and incredible people. Finally meeting friends I'd only spoken to on social media was the best thing ever! I have some pictures to share with you...

Here I am with Peggy Martinez (left) Author and owner of Lit Cube. She's the sweetest thing ever to exist. I bought a pair of Elizabeth and Darcy dolls from her, and I can't wait to post pics on Instagram to show them to you... if I ever unpack.

The ever so lovely Cambria Hebert, best selling Author of #Nerd series, is so nice! I'd only spoken to her online. She sold out of book one, #Nerd, before I got to her.
*insert very sad face here*

Jennifer L. Armentrout (right), author of so many USA Today and NYT bestselling book series, was sitting right behind me at the Utopia Con Awards. She took home several well-deserved prizes. 
You may have heard of her book series: Lux, Titan, Dark Element, Covenant...

I got to meet Isaac Marion, NYT bestselling author of the Warm Bodies Series. He signed tons of books, did interviews, and hosted a live commentary while a bunch of us watched the movie adaptation of his first book, Warm Bodies. He made me laugh a lot during an interesting dinner conversation. I approve of his quirky personality and highly recommend you follow him on

Also, buy his books: The New Hunger, Warm Bodies, The Burning World.

Here I am with award winning author Tish Thawer (center) and my sister, Krystle (right), who I dragged along to help me at my table. Tish is so down to earth and beautiful inside and out. We talked till 2am after the awards after party.
You should follow her on Facebook and Twitter because I say so.

NYT Bestseller Amy Harmon was my neighbor during the signing events. We sat together at the Utopia Con Awards. Amy is sweet and humble and all around a beautiful person. She was so surprised to have won several awards. I wasn't too surprised she did. I mean, she's fabulous! 

Find Amy on Facebook and Twitter.

I left the con on Sunday morning, very early. I did manage to gather up some Utopia Con swag. You can enter for a chance to win below. International entires welcome. Thanks for stopping by!


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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Free Creatura Series Coloring Page

Dear You Guys,

I'm so excited about the upcoming coloring book release (publishing date still pending) that I've decided to give you a little gift. Follow the link below to find a downloadable copy of the Creatura Series Official Coloring Book cover to color. Hope you like it. And don't forget, I love reviews. Enjoy!


Thursday, May 25, 2017

The Creatura Series Coloring Book and Audiobooks Update

Hello Dear Readers!

I'm here today cheerful and ready to report to you latest progress of my projects. 

First off, it's my pleasure to announce that the Creatura Series will have its very own coloring book! I'm incredibly excited to have artist Arnild Aldepolla illustrate this project. He's such a gifted illustrator that it humbles me to have had him accept my offer to work together. Arnild is an up and coming illustrator who has worked on similar projects with other authors, such as Cameo Renae, Raye Wagner, and Martina Mcatee, to name few. Though no date is set for the release of the coloring book as of yet, I'll keep you informed on the progress.

As for the series audiobooks, I'm happy to announce that actress Daisy Guevara is already busy as a bee, producing the audio files for the series. I've had the pleasure of hearing a snippet, and I must say, I cannot wait for the final version to be completed. She's simply wonderful! Sadly, no release date yet for this project either. I know, I know... 

I'm inundated with projects this year, aren't I? I'll be honest, it's been a busy year for me and hard to keep up, but I'm trying my best to keep you informed. I try not to be a stranger, but life happens and well, you know how that is... However, if you really want to hear more from me, why not follow me on FacebookTwitter, or Instagram? I'll be ever so very happy to see you there.

Talk to you soon,

Monday, January 16, 2017

Creatura Translation Underway

Read it for FREE! 

Hello Wonderful Readers!

I hope that 2017 is treating you incredibly well. I know I haven't been around my blog in a while, and there's a reason for it: I've been a super busy bee! Home life, trips, family birthdays, the holidays, New Year's, and company have kept me on my feet, especially in the ladder part of 2016. Now that 2017 has opened it's door, a flurry of surprises have blown in. One of the projects and dreams/goals I'd long been hoping to jump in to is now becoming a reality. 

From the emails and social media messages I receive, along with face to face conversations, I've been asked over and over again if my books are available in Spanish. Until now, I'm sorry to say no, they are not. HOWEVER, that will soon change! 

I've employed the aide of a wonderful Spanish translator for the first book in the series, Creatura. The translation should be done with by late March, early April. Afterward, the editing and formatting process will begin. I have a lot of work ahead of me! Why? Well, for this project, I've decided to self-publish the Spanish version of Creatura, which means I get to do all the work. I'll have more news as to the estimated publication date as soon as the finished draft is in my hands.  

Thanks for reading, and thanks for following my journey in this book writing adventure.