Wednesday, October 28, 2015

SFX Actor Cast in Creatura Series Trailer

Hey you!

Since Halloween is coming up this week, I thought it very appropriate to announce this particular role as the first actor cast in The Creatura Series live action trailer. 

I'm thrilled to announce that the very talented, Shane Christopher Hudson, SFX artist and actor, has been cast for the role of "demon". A demon?! Wuuuuut? Oh, so you thought I was going for a simple little trailer? Oh no. You guys deserve the best, and Timid Monster and I are making sure you're getting the most incredible glimpse of the world of Creatura you can possibly get.

But enough about how much I love you; let's talk about Shane...

Shane Christopher Hudson, SFX artist/actor

Shane's pictured in SFX makeup as a Clicker from the game The Last of Us.

You may recognize Shane from pictures posted by the very lovely Cameo Renae, author of the After Light Saga. Shane portrayed the role of an Arvy in the short film by the same name, also produced by the wonderful Timid Monster team. If you attended Utopia Con in Nashville, you may remember a zombie running around? That was an Arvy! What a spectacular job he did! 

Shane pictured in Arvy costume from the After Light Short Film by Timid Monster.

But aside from growling and scaring the pants off you, Shane also customizes special effects makeup/costumes. You can view Shane's artistry on his page, Nightmare Reality Studio, check out his latest projects, and keep up with his next roles. 

I hope you guys are as excited as I am for this trailer. I'll be back soon with more updates. 


Nely Cab