Thursday, May 3, 2012

"Creatura", My Poem Set to Music

 Anisah on Facebook 
I've had the pleasure of meeting wonderful people since I published my book, Creatura -- painters, readers, bloggers, authors, singers, crafters and simply wonderful personalities all around. One of my first readers happens to be a young lady with a beautiful voice who teamed up with a gifted and skillful guitarist, becoming the duo named Anisah. Sylvia Alexia Hernandez (age 18, UTB college student) and Alvin NiƱo (age 18,  high school student), both from Brownsville, Texas have given me a gift that I will cherish forever. These talented young people have taken a poem that I've written for book #2 in the Creatura Series and set it to music. How they came up with this beautiful archaic sounding melody, I don't know. But I thank Sylvia and Alvin from the bottom of my heart and share with you their artistic talent and rendition of my poem in this simple video. Enjoy!

Visit Anisah's Band Page and become a fan! Thank you for listening!