Friday, February 1, 2013

Love is Lethal Cover Reveal Sign-ups

Hiya, guys!

I wanted to let you know that I have a new small project underway and a giveaway to go with it. You can read about it and enter the giveaway HERE

If you're too lazy to click the link above, I'll quickly tell you about it:

My little project involves a poetry book written by David Chios, lead character in my book Creatura. If you would like to be part of the Love is Lethal book cover reveal, please click HERE to be redirected to the sign-up page. There will be a giveaway for bloggers who participate so check out the link above and thanks for dropping by! 

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Win a Poem written for YOU and see it published!

February is the month of Love and a perfect time for giving words of love. If you've already read my first novel, Creatura, you're aware that David Chios, the male lead, hero and all around dream boy in the story is a hopeless romantic. Well, as per fan requests, David has been writing short poems for about a year for his lovely fangirls.

It was two ladies who suggested that David publish his poems for his fans as a thank you for the undying devotion that he's seen from them. As an homage to all present and future Creatura fans, David has accepted to do just this.

A short collection of David's poems will be published by yours truly (publication date is pending). You will have the chance to win a personalized poem with your name, which will be published (paperback print)  in David's poetry book:

Love is Lethal
A Collection of Poems
Inspired by Fans of the Book

by Nely Cab

Upon publication, the winners will receive a signed copy of the book. The giveaway is open to international entries and a publication date will be announced on the same date that the 3 winners are announced. 

Be sure to spread the LOVE not only this month but always...


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The Stager by Jaidis Shaw Cover Reveal!

Hello, readers! Thanks for dropping by. Today, I'm in an absolute fangirl frenzy because I have the pleasure of welcoming Author Jaidis Shaw as she shares with us the cover for her upcoming thriller novel, The Stager

About the Author:
Jaidis Shaw currently resides in a small town located in South Carolina with her husband and a beautiful daughter. With a passion for reading, Jaidis can always be found surrounded by books and dreaming of new stories. She enjoys challenging herself by writing in different genres and currently has several projects in the works.
When not reading or writing, Jaidis maintains her blog Juniper Grove and helps promote her fellow authors. In addition to her free promotion services, she uses her experience in publicity to offer freelance author services through Juniper Grove Book Solutions.
Jaidis released her debut novel Destiny Awaits in April 2011. In addition to her novel, she currently has two short stories published with Wicked East Press. You can read her latest story ‘Blind Justice’ in the Wicked Bag of Suspense Tales anthology – now available on Kindle!

And now feast your eyes on the beautiful cover for Jaidis Shaw's upcoming release, The Stager

Title: The Stager
Author: Jaidis Shaw
Genre: Paranormal Thriller
Expected Release Date: April 2013

Life is good for assassin Amelia Jay. With a supernatural gift that allows her to appear as anyone she chooses, Amelia views the world as her stage. Distracted by an unexpected pregnancy while on a job, Amelia’s world comes crashing down around her when she is forced to reveal her powers to the only man she has ever cared for.

Kingsley O’Hare may not be in a legal position of power, but under the surface he has the city at his disposal. From drugs to human trafficking, he has gained his fair share of enemies. When he learns about Amelia’s talents as an assassin, he knows he must have her on his team. So when Amelia walks out on his job offer, he thinks she is gone for good. That is, until she is faced with a dilemma and is forced to ask him for a favor.

Fulfilling her agreement with Kingsley, Amelia must decide if she is willing to give up the only lifestyle she has known in order to provide for her unborn child. When the decision is made for Amelia, she must stand up for those who are unable to fight for themselves, even if that means losing herself in the process. Will Amelia’s power be enough to save her?

            Excerpt from Prologue:
Victory was mine the day I saw my mother’s essence leave her body and wrap itself around me like a cloak. I had her memories, her skills, and her looks. I could be her forever – if I wanted. I sometimes find myself wondering if there is anything left between us that is redeemable but feeling the extent of her fear and disgust towards me now as it coursed through my veins, I knew there was nothing salvageable left. Instead, I shrugged her essence off of me and watched it return to the motionless body on the floor. The world became my stage and I was determined to play the lead role.
                         Now, I am anything and anyone I want, because I am a Stager.

                         I am you.

 Read the complete prologue to The Stager on Jaidis's blog!