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Awakened by Inger Iversen Scavenger Hunt

Welcome to the Awakened by Inger Iversen Scavenger Hunt, hosted by Juniper Grove Book Solutions! 

Today it thrills me to have this beautiful book on my blog and to be part of the game! If you've been following the scavenger hunt you're probably looking for the keyword. Well, I'm not going to make it easy for you. The keyword is hidden in here some where. You're probably thinking I'm crazy for hiding it from from you and ruining your chances of winning. But if you know the rules and how this game works, you might have already found what you're looking for. Can't find it? Keep looking...and don't forget to visit the blog links at the end of this post for additional keywords. Good luck, hunters! 

Title: Awakened
Series: Few Are Angels, Book Two
Author: Inger Iversen
Published: February 22nd, 2013
Genre: New Adult

What must he overcome to protect her?

With no clue of what to do next and the responsibility of looking after Alex and Mia as promised, Kale is up to his ears in problems and no solutions. How will Kale save Ella, keep Alex and Mia safe, control Jace as well as control the Bloodlust that creeps beneath the surface waiting to be released? Will Kale be Ella’s savior or will he convict her to a fate worse than the one Laurent has already promised her?

What truths will she learn?

Ella knows that the choices she makes affects not only her but everyone else around her, but what about the choices made to find her? Ella learns the truth about the death of her parents, learns that the ones she thought she could trust aren’t so trustworthy after all.

How will Ella handle these betrayals, and will she be able to sacrifice what is necessary to obtain eternal life?

About the Author:
Inger Iversen lives in Virginia Beach with her tree-hugging boyfriend Joshua and her overweight lap cat Max. When not reading or writing she spends her time watching reruns of True Blood or killing zombies in Call Of Duty.

Excerpt – Written specifically for the Scavenger Hunt and cannot be found anywhere but participating blogs:

“You should be sleeping Ella.” Kale’s voice was low and sent warm _______ up my spine.

            “I couldn't sleep.” That wasn’t a lie. Though I was exhausted, a nightmare had me grasping for some form of reality. I needed the one person that grounded me and made me feel safe.

            Kale’s voice was soft and full of concern. “Why not? Is it Jace?” 

            “No, it’s not Jace.”

“Then what is it?”

“Doesn’t ______,” I fumbled with the phone suddenly nervous about my phone call. I didn’t want us to argue about my ________ to stay with Jace versus going back to Alex’s parent’s house. I needed Kale and what hurt the most was that the only thing separating this time was him. Well, not Kale, but la Luxure inside of him. We had accomplished and overcome so much, but still, here we were with another hurdle placed in front of us. Mother Nature couldn’t even make a mountain as big as the hurdle before us.

            Kale sighed. “What is it?” My silence must have made him realize that something was wrong, but I didn't want to worry him. I just ______ to hear his voice.

            “Nothing, it was nothing that you need to be concerned about I _______.”

            “Hmm… You are a horrible liar.” Kale chuckled.

            “Well, I’ll take that as a compliment.”

“Yeah, you would.”

“I miss you,” I whispered. I was scared Kale would give me the whole, ‘You have to move on for your own safety,’ speech. I closed my eyes and waited for the words that always seemed to come. My heart pumped in my chest and I had to fight control my breathing.

            “I miss you too.” His words brought a smile to my face. I relaxed into my pillow and then turned to my side. The light from the moon illuminated the room enough for me to see the bag I’d packed placed under the desk and not for the first time, I doubted that I had made the right decision to leave Kale back in Moose Nose. “He’s dangerous,” Jace said over and over and unfortunately Kale agreed, but there was something that kept me _________ if Jace had an ulterior motive.

            “I was ________ about you and I wanted to hear your voice,” I snuggled under the warmth covers. I missed the few days that Kale and I had together before la Luxure made him go all crazy. I missed his arms ______ me as we slept, the warmth of his breath as he placed his mouth on my neck for the sweetest goodnight kiss I'd ever experienced, but most of all I missed the waking up in his arms.

“What were you thinking about me?” Kale asked in a breathy voice. It was amazing to be able to _____ an intimacy with Kale yet know that there was still so much more to explore with him, but I was still lonely. I still needed the reassurance that he would fight for us even when he thought that he would only bring me pain and sadness. “Is it my sexy voice, boyish good looks or maybe my breath taking kisses?” Kale added a noisy kiss for good measure and I couldn’t help but to laugh.

“Honestly, I can’t get your kisses out of my head, but that wasn’t all I was thinking about at the moment.”

“Naughty girl,” Kale growled and I chuckled.

“Learned from the best,” I said _______ a yawn. “Will you stay on the phone with me until I fall asleep again?” I squeezed my eyes tighter refusing to let the tears fall. I was stronger than before and I had a plan. I knew it would work and I also realized that I would have to ask Jace to help me get to the Council of Immortals in Alaska, but I still had faith in my plan. If Kale could sacrifice his life and the things he held close to his heart for me, then I would do my part in keeping us ________.

            “Ella, I’d give anything to be there beside you.” I could hear the sincerity in his voice and it fueled my desire to be with him.

            “I __________ that for now, this will have to work,” I said fighting another yawn.

            “For now?”

            “We will be together soon Kale, you may not believe it but it will happen. We have been through far too much to give up now.” My hopes were up, hell, they had blasted through the ceiling, but I wasn’t going to tell Kale why because he’d fight me on it and I couldn't have that.

            “Go to sleep Ella, I’ll stay on the phone with you.” Kale’s voice still held doubt but I had enough faith for the ____ of us.

            “No,” feeling a bit defiant I continued, “I want you to talk to me, Kale.” I heard him sigh on the other end of the phone. It didn't sound annoying or restless, but I had to wonder. When would this get old to him? Yes, he’d followed me throughout time and yes, he _____ my soul, but how long could he hold on to himself and beat la Luxure?  There was so much at stake and I couldn't let that get me down nor could I let him doubt our future. “Want to hear a secret?” I asked lowering my voice. There was a brief moment of silence before Kale spoke.
            “Yes, tell me.” ____________ laced his voice and I stifled a giggle. “And then to bed, baby.” I almost groaned when he called me baby. His terms of endearment always made me melt, just a little, even when I was angry or sad.

            “I dream about you,” I ________ with a smile. There were times at night where my dreams of Kale would wake me up. My heart would stutter or pound in my chest; I’d be short of breath thinking of the life he and I could start when all of this was over.

            “You dream of me?” Kale chuckled. “That isn’t some big secret seeing as how I often daydream about you. Ella, I have dreamed about the life that I know you deserve and the life that you will more than likely have with me, but most of all I dream about dating you, learning your wants and fears, _________ for an apartment with you and living in the shack in some Podunk town.” It was nice to know that Kale’s dreams of our future were attainable. “Then placing a ring on your finger, we’d walk down the aisle where the people we love gathered and watched as we make the ultimate commitment.”

            “Oh God Kale we can have that,” I said.

            “What _____ kids, I can never give you any.” I started to lie and say that I didn't want kids, but I was way too young to make a decision like that. “The Council of Immortals will always hunt me and that would include you even if you weren’t the Arc. You will have to run with me and I can’t convict you to a life like that, I just can’t and the more you ask it of me the harder it is for me to do the right thing and walk away.”  How dare he make this decision for the both of us?
            “I agree that you ______ do the right thing, Kale, but you don’t get to decide what is or isn’t good for me, it should be a decision we make together. Now, promise me you will think about it.”

            “I promise, now go to sleep, Ella. I’ll still be here in this cage when you wake.” I didn't speak. I closed my eyes and let sleep take me. He wouldn’t be in that cage ____ longer no matter what he thought.

Everyone who successfully completes the excerpt with the key words in the correct order will be entered into a giveaway. The winners will then be randomly selected. The following prizes are up for grabs:

Grand Prize
One lucky winner will receive a print copy of Few Are Angels, Awakened, and an ARC of Immortal Heart by Inger Iversen! The release date for Immortal Heart is September 13th and the ARCs will not be available until June so there will be a short delay in receiving the prize.

First & Second Place Winners
Two runner ups will receive an eBook copy of both Few Are Angels and Awakened  by Inger Iversen!

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