Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Dude, what happened to your books?

Hello Readers and Curious Passersby!

I have news...

My books have been unpublished. Yes, you read that right. They are no longer available. The reason? Under amicable terms, I've parted ways with Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly Publishing, so they are no longer accessible under the CHBB imprint. I thank CHBB for their support while I was part of their author family and wish them luck in all their endeavors.

So where can I buy your books now?  

About that... If you're looking for my e-books or books, I'm sorry, but it'll be a while before you see them on sale again. Aside from the few print books left in my office and the last print batch left on Amazon, there are no more.


For good reason!  I am proud to announce that I've accepted a publishing contract with Clean Teen Publishing, who will be releasing the series under one of their imprints. A date has not yet been set for release, but rest assured I will keep you updated. The last full-length novel in the series will be released under their imprint as well.

 However, the Audible version of Creatura is and will remain on sale. 

Thanks for your continued support. I'll get back to you with news about release dates.