Monday, February 6, 2012

Review: Pulse of Heroes by A. Jacob Sweeny

Struggling with school and having a crush on a boy that's spoken for become the least of Michele's worries when she meets Elliot in a rather unconventional way - falling over a wall while snooping in Elliot's private school's backyard. Michele finds herself peering into the bluest and most mysterious eyes she's ever seen, and then falling again, but this time her fall is emotional rather than physical. 

It's in the town of Willow's Creek where Elliot and Michele's story blossoms from several encounters leading way to a whirlwind of unexpected events. Elliot's past is intriguing and adventurous and sometimes dark, which has Michele's appeal for the boy at the highest peak. Michele, who's eager to find out exactly who this gorgeous boy is and where he comes from, is in for the adventure of her life and quite possibly the most ill fate. 

Comprised of all-inclusive tales from Elliot's past and Michele's emotional coils, Author A. Jacob Sweeny delivers a story with both historical and heart felt fascination for her readers. Sweeney's writing beautifully reflects her knowledge of the eras in which the characters' narratives take place. The antagonist and protagonist characters' personalities are well thought out and equipped with traits that will embed themselves into the hearts of many without effort. 

Dive into this fantastic world of romance, thrills and mystery and make A. Jacob Sweeny's book, "Pulse of Heroes" a weekend getaway. You won't regret it.

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