Friday, April 26, 2013

I Bill E-book Pirates: Part 3 - ULTIMATUM

Yesterday, I posted Part 2 in this series of blog posts, "I Bill E-book Pirates". Please read Part 1 and Part 2 so that you'll be able to follow the nature of this post.

This morning, I logged on to the Internet to find that, as I said in my previous post, the e-pirate is in fact checking up on my blog and my posts regarding his/her disorderly conduct. The pirate picked up on the clues I left for him/her, and today, I found that their blogger profile has been set to private and their personal blog has been renamed and allows only invited users. By changing aliases and privacy settings, doesn't mean a person cannot be found. You may try to run and hide, but the internet reserves no secrets...for anyone.

Quite, honestly, I'm a little tired of the game of cat and mouse that this pirate and I have going on. So I've decided to end this ongoing chase...


Dear Mr./Ms. Anonymous (for now) E-book Pirate:

I know that times are tough and you may not have the financial means to pay the balance of the invoice I have emailed you on two occasions. Therefore, I am willing to clear the balance on one condition: 

You must email me an apology that I will post on my blog. I will not include your name or let your blog be known, but if you do not respond, I will contact the owner of the popular book blog you write/review for with a follow up blog post including your name, your blogs, and your picture and possibly the invoice for the 600 digital copies of my book. I will also contact the publishers that offer your blogs sponsorship and report you. Your book blogger days will surely be over, as no author or publisher will trust you to review their books. And that very important blog you review for will lose all sponsorships. I'm sure the owner will be less than happy to have that happen to her blog.

For me, a simple apology is enough to clear your debt--this time. You can decide how much you value your integrity with not only the book blogging community, but with the entire Internet world. Think well and hard about your decision, as you only have 3 days to email me your apology.


Nely Cab 

P.S. Your invoice is still past due. 

*To all other pirates, this was my decision on a good day, but I may not be as lenient on you on a bad one. 



  1. I really wish her identity would be shared with her sponsors/authors/publishers...people do not change and her behavior is so repulsive - STEALING - that her associates should be made aware.
    I admire your tenacity, and respect your kindness. This blogger better realize that you are giving her a graceful out.

    1. I think her identity should be out in the open because so long as he/she is anonymous people will still send her their book to review which means she will continue to pirate. If she has no remorse for stealing other's work then she shall receive no remorse.

  2. Way to stand up for yourself, Nely. Keep it up!

  3. I think this is a graceful approach. I respect your desire to keep this blogger's identity a secret. That said, I would personally suggest contacting (in private) the owner of the other blog she writes for. If it was me (the owner of that blog), I would want to know that someone I've been trusting with ARCs has crossed the line.

  4. Way to go! I hope you WIN WIN WIN and go on to sell millions of books.