Monday, April 29, 2013

I Bill E-book Pirates: Part 4 - The Outcome

If you've been keeping up with this story, then you've probably been waiting for this blog post. If you haven't yet, you might want to read Part 1 and follow the links at the bottom of each post for the following post in the series, so that you'll have a better understanding of this story.

In my last update, I gave the Anonymous E-book Pirate an ultimatum. Some of you want him/her exposed. Some of you respect the way I've been handling this. Whatever your opinion, thank you for giving me the support I needed to continue.

I'm going to be honest with all of you; I'm not the type of person to publicly humiliate and shame anyone. I wouldn't like it done to me, and I'm sure none of you would like it either. When no email came on Friday or Saturday from the Anonymous E-book pirate, I felt horribly guilty and thought very hard of what today's post would do to this individual on a personal and social level. Nonetheless, I decided I was going to stand firmly on my decision. Sunday, I woke up to find an apology from a very scared person in my email. It was from the Anonymous E-book pirate. So, without further ado, and as promised, here is the email:

Hello Nely,

I'm truly sorry for what i did.I know i don't deserve this chance, but i hope you will read this.
Never will I do anything like this again,because i know that what i did wasn't right.
I'm ashamed of my actions and i learned my lesson.I swear i won't do something like that again.
I know this isn't enough,but i apologize ,and i'll never stop apologizing for doing something awful like that.
Maybe you won't believe me,and it's hard to believe after what i did,but i am sorry.
It wasn't fair.I know it and i won't do it again.It was wrong.

I know i'm repeating myself,but i just...don't know what to write.These past days were tough,and i admit that i was scared.And i'm still scared.I know this won't be enough,but i hope that you will read it.

Once again i repeat :I apologize for what i did and i swear i won't do it again.

Thank you,

And to the e-pirate, I then replied: 

Hi ______, 

Thank you for replying to my email. I accept your apology, and I'm sorry I frightened you. I hope you realize that you cost many authors a lot of money and if summed, the full cost of the 24 books that were on your site would be approximately $____. I want you to be aware that had it been any other author that found your email they would have surely pressed legal charges against you. I ask that you never, never do this again. Everyone makes mistakes, and I realize that this was one of many that you will make as you grow older. Thank you for saving us both the agony and embarrassment of having your picture and name released to the public. Be well and be good, my little Onyx Ex-pirate. 


Nely Cab

People tell me I've been too soft on this person, including my family. But decisions like these is what makes me "me".

I thank you for following me through this not-so-great experience. And to the former e-pirate, I say: I do hope you have learned your lesson well, Mr./Ms. Ex-Pirate, because next time, my dear, I'm not settling for an apology.


  1. I'm glad she/ he apologized and I hope she/he is really sorry.

  2. I think you did the right thing. I hope she realizes that you could have taken it to a whole another level with legal files and what not. But you are willing to give her a chance. And in my eyes that makes you an awesome person. I know this might have been hard for you, but know that we all have your back. Much love sweets.

  3. Way to go Nely!! I am proud of the way you handled this!!! You are an amazing person and don't let anyone else tell you different!! <3

  4. Handled extremely well from start to finish.

  5. You make us all proud, thanks for sharing and you did just what was needed!!

  6. I am so proud of you Nely! I really truly am. You are the reason that I still believe in human kind! Honestly, you gave this person a chance to correct a wrong they were doing. You gave the ultimatum and they agreed. I would def keep an eye on them to make sure there is no further action and I would PERSONALLY like to see them become an advocate for epirating and express how wrong it is but that is just me. I fully agree with how you handled this and this just goes to show that you are amazing and author and person! I truly hope this person keeps their word.

    You rock!!!!

  7. Bravo!!! You handled this with class, and I'm so glad to see you get the apology. Hopefully other pirates will see these posts and think twice about what they're doing.

  8. So proud of you Nely! I think you handled this with much thought and showed what kind of person you truly are by being kind enough to give a second chance to someone who most people would not!!! Very happy this is over for you and hope that this person will learn something from you wonderful act of kindness and forgiveness!!

  9. You did awesome! You handled this very well. I am one that thought outhing the person would be good, as I do not want to be supporting their blog/fb page/reviews... BUT, I compeltely respect your choice to out them.

    I am very glad you kept us updated on the situation. I am very happy the person apologized and I pray they are truly sorry.


  10. Perfectly handled...and a good lesson learned for many e-pirates, I'm sure --past, present, and almost future!

  11. Lovely ending. Hope the lesson was learned and you never have to go through it again.