Wednesday, January 25, 2012

David's Mail Call Poetry

A few days ago, a fan expressed her "love" of  Creatura on my Facebook page. I decided to give her a little gift from my book's hero, David Chios. Quickly it was that the responses to his humble offering grew, and before I knew it, "David" was serenading fan girls with verse. 

"Carly Anne's Chablis" 
Written for Carly Anne Wallace 

Weaved of fine silks and fine wine 
                                                 The Gods adorned Carly Anne so divine
 And I a poor beggar on mine raw knee 
Pleading, suffering, eager to be free 
But what dost freedom imply to a beggar?
Leaving mine Carly Anne to be? 
Never shalst I wander free of mine decree 
And I do attest, dear Carly Anne, this sacrifice to thee 
May mine blood become dry like the Gods' wine of Chablis 
Should ever you never come to be privately for me

 ~ David Chios 

Thank you for reading, and I invite you to get to know David Chios and the rest of the personalities in the first  book of the Creatura Series. 

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