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A Day in the Life of Jaidis Shaw ( + Giveaway)

Hello and welcome to "A Day in the Life of..."©, a featured guest post exclusive to my blog that's published on Mondays and sometimes, on Thursdays. On these two days, a spotlight guest will share a normal day in their lives, giving us insight on their thoughts, projects, interests, obsessions and more. Occasionally, and if we're lucky, they'll even throw in a giveaway.

And now on with the show...

Today I have the pleasure of featuring the lovely Jaidis Shaw. Jaidis is not only a writer, but she's also a freelance editor and promoter for other authors. She juggles a career and family in her home in South Carolina. Let's check out her day, shall we? 


Jaidis Shaw currently resides in a small town located in South Carolina with her husband and beautiful daughter. With a passion for reading, Jaidis can always be found surrounded by books and dreaming of new stories. She enjoys challenging herself by writing in different genres and currently has several projects in the works.

When not reading or writing, Jaidis maintains her blog Juniper Grove and helps promote her fellow authors. In addition to her free promotion services, she uses her experience in publicity to offer freelance author services.

Connect with Jaidis:

A Day in the Life of Jaidis Shaw

Let me start by first saying that my schedule is very erratic. Factors like if I have plans the next day or if my hubby has school will determine how my day goes. So, for the sake of sanity, I will try and show you what my days look like when the hubby is off to school since Fall semester will be starting soon.

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7:00 AM – Alarm # 1 goes off and is met with an enthusiastic greeting. And by enthusiastic greeting I mean tugging the cord, thus pulling the clock from underneath the bed, switching the alarm off and tossing it back into the oblivion that is under the bed. Yes, I keep my alarm under the bed. That is perfectly normal. Right? No? Oh well. I do it because even on its dimmest setting, the clock gives off so much light that I can’t sleep at night and keeping it under the bed blocks the majority of the light.  

7:03 AM – Alarm # 2 goes off and I gently hit the snooze button. Why the change of heart where the evil that is known as alarm clocks is concerned? Easy! It is because the second alarm is on my phone, and I don’t want to hurt my phone. 

7:05 AM – Alarm # 2 goes off again and I have no other choice than to force myself from the warm embrace of my blankets, sit up and wonder if I can get away with going back to bed.

7:06 AM – I have determined that going bed to impossible and so I get up and begin my daily duties, the first being that I have to wake my husband up so that he can start getting ready for school.

7:10 AM –  I head to the kitchen but before I am able to get three steps in the room, the dogs demand their bowls be filled. At least they aren’t as demanding as an old cat we used to have. He could really be a fighter if he wanted to. Maybe the dogs got beat up so often that they try the ‘kill her with kindness’ method…otherwise known as the ‘dance around her legs so she can’t walk without tripping and whine constantly until she caves’ method….lol. After they are satisfied, I begin making a lunch for the hubby to take to school. While doing this task, I make a mental note to teach him how to make his own lunch.

7:11 AM – Erase previous mental note. If he hasn’t learned by now, the chances of him learning are slim to none.

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7:30 AM – Hubby is out the door and I stand in the silent house and debate whether I should try going back to bed or if I should check my emails. I make the decision to check my emails and Facebook for a few minutes and then go back to bed so I head to my office to begin the first task.

9:30 AM – I am still online. Somewhere in the back of my mind I knew that going back to bed was impossible because let’s face it…once Facebook sinks its claws in you, there is no escaping. I have answered the bulk of my emails, returned messages on Facebook and tweets on Twitter, hopped on Amazon and GoodReads to see if any new reviews or ratings have come in and begun the process of formatting posts for my blog.

10:00 AM – Hubby calls around this time to update me about his day. I reply with enthusiasm but can’t help but look at the clock and calculate how much time I have left before he arrives home.

10:10 AM – I make a mental note of the chores that I need to accomplish for the day and approximately how much time they will take. I decide I still have some time and begin doing promotion work for any clients that I have at the time.

11:50 AM - My daughter decides to wake from her slumber and I get her settled with breakfast (or really lunch) and her favorite Barbie Mermaid DVD. I realize that I haven’t eaten yet so I fix me something (usually a sandwich), fill my favorite pink cherry blossom cup with water flavored with Raspberry Lemonade Propel Zero, and return to my office to check if any new messages have been received.

12:45 PM – A glance at the clock and I know I have to get started on the cleaning. I start a load of laundry, straighten up the living room, and then head to the kitchen to wash up any dishes, telling myself the rest can wait until tomorrow.

1:35 PM - I am still cleaning the house. Somehow the chores that had been deemed worthy of waiting until another day vetoed my vote and made sure that they got done today. Floors swept and mopped. Book cases organized, DVDs put away on the appropriate shelf by genre. All laundry folded and put away.  Trash taken out and dogs let out to play.

3:20 PM – My daughter decides she is done with Barbie and it is time to start her school work. Of course, she isn’t even in school yet but there is nothing wrong with getting an early start. She just started learning addition and subtraction, so she sits at a table next to my desk and begins. If I have any editing work, I begin tackling that manuscript while she works; only coming to me when she has questions….which is often.

4:05 PM – Math work is complete- ie: she has gotten bored with it - and she decides what task she wants to do next. Normally it is to watch another Barbie DVD, or color, or read a book (even though she doesn’t know how to read yet) and so that ensues. Meanwhile, I go back to editing/working and checking Facebook yet again.

5:00 PM – The hubby is usually home by this time and begins cooking dinner.  Yes, he does the cooking…SCORE! We sit down to eat as a family and then usually watch a movie.

8:00 PM – Hubby begins homework, my daughter is playing quietly with her imaginary friends and I retreat back to my office.

12:00 AM – Hubby goes to bed and I get my daughter bathed and in bed. I read her a story…or five…until she passes out and I return to my office, yet again, grabbing a cold Red Bull along the way.

1:00 AM - This is the magic hour because it is finally ‘me’ time. I bring up Pandora and put my headphones on, always leaving my right ear uncovered so that I can listen to the sounds of the house - aka listen to see if my daughter gets back up. I open the Red Bull, drinking in the energizing nectar and pull up my current WIP and begin the writing process. During breaks of writing, I am checking in on Facebook or chatting with my author friends who are still up at this hour.

The above task lasts until around 3 or 4 AM when I decide I must get to bed if I am going to hear the alarm the next morning. I save my progress twice, always twice, and close down my computer before falling into the bed exhausted.

Thank you, Jaidis, for sharing your day with us and thank you, readers for taking the time to stop by. I hope that you've enjoyed today's 
"A Day in the Life of..."

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  1. WOW! Jaidis...I thought I was busy!!! LOL

    1. hehe...there just isn't enough time in the day! :)

  2. First, thank you for the giveaway! Second THANK YOU so much for explaining how to share a post lol.
    Jaidis, (which I love your name by the way) you sound very very busy. I don't know how you can stay up so late lol, normally by 8 or 9 I am falling asleep lol. I so agree with you on the facebook thing, once you are on you are on it. There is no going back to sleep you always have one more thing to do on facebook lol.

    1. Thanks Autumn! A person gets used to having little sleep after doing it for awhile. I'm sure it will catch up with me one day though.

  3. Jaidis...I am glad to know I am not the only one who lives on very little sleep!! :) Your schedule is crazy busy!!! Thanks so much for the giveaway !!

  4. This is a great opportunity! It is great that she has time to answer her fans!

    1. Hey Ştefana *waves* Thanks for dropping by!

  5. Thanks for sharing with us, Jaidis! Great pictures! :)

  6. Great post and what a beautiful pictures! Thank you for the giveaway,
    (Demitra Giote)

  7. The most authors are so busy...and you're not an exception. Thanks for the post and the giveaway!

    1. Authors are quite busy! Thanks for stopping by Cristina!

  8. This is one of the posts I enjoyed the most. Her daughter is very beautiful and the fact that she already does school work is amazing.
    Thanks for the giveaway , the prizes are very interesting!

    1. Thanks Antonia! Lilli loves doing schoolwork. Hopefully she will continue to enjoy it when she actually starts school :)

  9. Thanks for such a great giveaway and interview

  10. Thanks fot the giveaway.A fan from Romania.

  11. I really enjoy this column "A day in life of..."
    It gives us the opportunity to discover more about our favorite authors. Thank you Jaidis for this great interview and giveaway.

  12. You are right Adrian! Nely's "A day in the life of" posts are amazing! So many wonderful authors :)

    Thanks for dropping by!

  13. I loved Destiny Awaits, and I think Jaidis Is pretty awesome! Thanks for the interview and giveaway!

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    ~Marie from Paranormal Reads


    Ashley Marie