Monday, August 26, 2013

The New Creatura Book Trailer

A huge THANK YOU to the cast and crew for putting together the new Creatura book Trailer.


Nely Cab: Writer
C. Michael Whaley: Director, Turn a Phrase Film
James Lebby Heyward: Director of Photography, Comeback Creative
Yavez "Fez" Fuller: Special Effects/Grip/Editor, YVZ Productions
Stephanie Merrell: 1st AD/Producer, D.A.M.E. Media
Arlene Lagos: Executive Producer, D.A.M.E. Media
Jasmine Lynes: Voice-over
Isis played by Laura Taylor
David played by Ethan Courville
Gabe played by Thomas Stewart
Music by: Alone in the Dark 2 by antarticbreeze
Filmed on Location: James Island, SC


  1. I feel like a stalker trying to find this book in stores or win it. I have a feeling I'm going to have to break down and order it online. It just sounds incredible, and one both my daughter and I will enjoy. So eventually might have to get two. She wears her books out.

    1. Hi, Tawnya! I like stalkers of the bookish kind. ;) You can special order through your bookstore. Of course, it may be faster if you order online. Thanks for dropping by!